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After that, we mill models on CNC machines.

Produced by our instrumentation, ie.: models, models in a plate, plates for model, systems and casting, permanent molds.

 Materials used for the production of casting models are: wood, aluminum, steel, epoxy resins, cast iron.


We are SOLID.

Solidgru company produces casting models. We specialize in creating instrumentation used in gravity casting - aluminum, cast iron, non-ferrous metals.

Our services are always high-quality. We create models using the latest CNC technology.



First, we create a 3D documentation on the basis of customer indications: flat documentation, guidelines, description, owned solids and patterns.

We use a professional and legal software SolidWorks to create a 3D specification.





© 2016 SOLIDGRU. All right reserved.

© 2016 SOLIDGRU. All right reserved.